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Midstate Freight Caves Classic,
Oberon NSW,
Saturday October 10, 2020

Beemerang Stage (SS 4 and 8)

The Beemerang stage would have been new for many of the competitors, although a shortened version of it was used in the AMSAG Training Day in March 2020 (the route then was a what I used to record the video).

Photos taken at the red spot on the second pass through (SS 8).
Photos were taken from where the red dot is, and the blue line indicates where the cars were going when photos were taken across a small valley. The green line shows the shortcut I took when recording the video.

Standard disclaimer.

This video is 12:11 long, the fastest car in the 2020 event (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO9) did the complete stage in 11:13 on the second pass through. You can see my standard disclaimer about speed here.

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