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  • 2024 Calendar
  • AMSAG Taree Rally - March 2 Postponed to August 17
  • AMSAG Orange Rally - May 4 - Cancelled
  • NSSCC Bathurst Stages Rally - May 18 - Cancelled
  • NSSCC Rally of the Bay - July 27 Cancelled
  • AMSAG Walcha Rally - August 17 Cancelled
  • AMSAG Taree Rally - August 17
  • AMSAG Rosewood Rally - September 28
  • AMSAG Oberon Rally - October 26
  • Bathurst Stages Rally - November 2

Events in green are strong possibilities.
Those in pink are less likely, but I still might be there.



Things didn't improve much from 2021. Many events were cancelled because the roads were still too damaged from previous rain and flood damage, and the Forestry Corporation's priorities don't extend to repairing roads just so we can have fun driving on them. COVID was still about, as was lots of rain.


Floods. Storms. Washed away roads. COVID-19 travel and association restrictions everywhere. We were lucky to get even the small amount of rallying that we did during the year. Optimists are hoping for a much more activity-filled year in 2022. Pessimists are saying that there's been a couple of years regrowth since the last big bush fires and it doesn't look like COVID is going away as quickly as we all would like it to but we are trying to ignore them and making plans.


The continuing coronavirus situation resulted in many cancellations and postponements in this year's rally calendar. While this was an inconvenience for competitors, officials and fellow travellers like me, the public health issue was more important than any sport. Rallying resumed in NSW on July 1, with certain restrictions applying to keep everyone safe. And I did buy that car to replace the ancient Falcon.


2019 wasn't a great year for someone following rallies as a hobby without being paid to do it. Two of the events I planned to go to were cancelled, one clashed with the NSW State Election (where I was an election official) and one was on the weekend when I was supposed to have some medical treatment. The procedure was deferred at the last minute because the hospital was packed out with a flu epidemic, but it was too late to get packed up and get to Bulahdelah in time for the event. As I'm planning on replacing the ancient editorial Falcon with something a bit younger during 2020 money might be a bit short. There's always next year, though.




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