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AMSAG Oberon Rally
November 13, 2021

Rallying was on again with the final round of the 2021 AMSAG Pipe King series on November 13 held in the forests around Black Springs and Oberon.

You can see the Supplementary Regulations here

As is traditional, the event was based on Black Springs, with the Rally HQ in the Community Hall and the service area in the Avoca Pioneer Park

Click to see some of the activity before the event in the cold and wet Service Park.

There was appalling weather in the week before with rain closing some vital roads twice in four days. The picture above was a common sight throughout the area but the event was able to go ahead with some modifications. Weather on the day was less than ideal, with cold winds and rain (and even a brief flurry of snow) but this didn't reduce the enthusiasm of people getting back into a sport that has seen almost all the year's events cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

The rally was organised by the Australian Motor Sport Action Group and directed by Ron Moore, who produced an excellent event. Ron is known throughout the district for his car sponsored by Reliance Bank.

Click for a list of the 57 starters.

Click to see the day's running schedule

Click to see the route in Google Earth

The rally consisted of four stages, each run twice (although the second running of Stage 1 had to be cancelled because of the day's rain). The first two stages were in Essington State Forest. Stage 1 was based on Roberts Road (off Sewells Creek Road), and the second ran from Chain of Ponds Road to Dog Rocks Road using roads which had not been used in a rally for a long time, if ever, so were brand new to competitors.

Roberts - Stages 1 and 5

Essington - Stages 2 and 6

Stage 3 was in the area around Beemerang Road. The original planned route had to be changed on the day because of rain damage to the planned access road, but nobody complained. Stage 4 was again new to everyone and used roads around Barrakee Road. Both these stages were in Vulcan State Forest and accessed via Campbells River Road south of Black Springs.

Beemerang - Stages 3 and 7

Barrakee Road - Stages 4 and 8

The roads used for competition were in excellent condition considering how much rain had fallen in the days prior to the rally. The forests around Oberon provide almost perfect conditions for rallies and the Forestry Corporation should be thanked for the maintenance they do (and for allowing rallies to use the forests as well, of course).

55 cars started the event, with 40 classed as finishers. You can see the full results here.

FirstTim Wilkins/Jim GleesonMitsubishi Lancer EVO 9
SecondJamie Luff/Brad LuffSubaru WRX
ThirdNathan Quinn/Ray Winwood-SmithMazda RX2
FourthRiley Walters/Andrew CrowleySubaru WRX
FifthJamie Neale/Tommi FleglSubaru WRX

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