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2022 John Giddings Memorial Rally of Orange
May 7, 2022

Stages 2 and 6 - Central

Second stage of the day and the driver and I were ready to go after refamiliarisation with the game after some time away (decades for me, a couple of years for him and the car).

The car was travelling much faster in the second stage than in the first. This was not unexpected as the first stage was the first for me as a navigator/codriver for several decades so I was relearning everything, the first for the driver for a couple of years so he had to clear a bit of rust out and the first for the car for about the same time so reliability had to be considered. Why the camera decided to run out of battery when it did is a mystery, but the matter has been brought to the attention of the manufacturer. Also, a spare battery has been acquired for next time.

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