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Classic Outback Trial 2022
Day 5 - March 31, 2022

Two stages were planned for Day 5, Razorback through Upper Turon (east of Sofala) and Box Ridge (north of Bathurst). Time and distance made it almost impossible to photograph the entire field in Razorback and then get to Box Ridge before all the cars had passed through.

Razorback stage. The white circle shows the best photograph location

Unfortunately, the Razorback stage had to be cancelled because the Turon River was up over the road in several places (including the access road to the photo point). It's just a coincidence (or maybe the Turon River doesn't like me having anything to do with rallies) but in the very first rally I ever competed in a stage was cancelled because the Turon River had flooded a crossing. Cancellation was a disappointment for everyone, because it's a spectacular road to drive on.

Cancellation of the stage meant that everyone had time for lunch and servicing in Sofala, and we also got to see the cars competing in the Regularity part of the trial.

Locations for photos in the Box Ridge stage were limited so all the photos were taken about 200 metres from the end of the stage. The word of the day was "Dust". To speed up loading I've divided the photos into two groups.

See the first set of photos here

See the second set of photos here

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