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Classic Outback Trial 2022
March 27 to April 2, 2022

The 2022 Classic Outback Trial ran for seven days, starting at Parkes, NSW, on Sunday, March 27 (there was a prologue stage on Saturday, March 26, but it only set starting order) and ending at Bathurst on Saturday, April 2. You can see the Supplementary Regulations by clicking on the image at the right. Full details of the event can be found at the COT web site

As the event started some distance from my place and then moved closer, I followed the rally from the fourth day when the cars came out of Orange and stayed with them to the finish at Bathurst. I can't say much about what happened in the first three days because I wasn't there, but again all the information is on the COT web site.

Some of the roads used around Orange were very familiar to me from previous events, the fifth day went to places that were used in the very first rally I ever competed in, the stages around Oberon were in my back yard and the final day's stages had been in rallies I'd directed back in history. There were some stages I'd never seen before, so the whole event was a mixture of nostalgia and surprise for me.

The entry list. Click for a larger view.

Day 4 - Wednesday, March 30

Click for Wednesday's story

Day 5 - Thursday, March 31

Day 5 was shortened, but still a good day

Day 6 - Friday, April 1

Day 6 - my home turf and a lot of very familiar roads

Day 7 - Saturday, April 2

The last chance at excitement

The results. Click for a full list.

This was a very successful event and the organisers should be congratulated, especially as COVID, weather and Acts of Deity had cause continual postponements over the last couple of years. I certainly enjoyed what I saw of it and I can't imagine that any of the competitors or crews had too much to complain about. Sadly, it looks like this will be the last Classic Outback Trial, but maybe someone will summon up the motivation and money to do something like it again in future years.

To repeat myself, you can go to the COT web site for the full story.

See the COT web site here

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