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Midstate Freight Oberon Stages Rally,
Oberon NSW,
Saturday April 23, 2022

Stage 4 - Mount David

I carefully worked out how I could get photographs of every car in the event (still running when they got to me) by going to Stage 4 in Mount David Forest in the morning and then Essington Forest (SS7) in the afternoon. Unfortunately everything was running late by the time the first car got to me in Mount David so I left after about half the field had passed to make sure I could get to my later spot before the first car arrived there. Murphy's Law came into effect, as it always does, and I could have stayed in Mount David Forest for another hour and still made the first car in Essington, but we all know that hindsight is perfect.

The Mount David stage was 16 kilometres long and the fastest car (Riley Walters) did it in 7:30.4 for an average speed of 127.89km/h. (He was faster on the second pass later in the day - 7:20, 130.92km/h)

Where the stage went. Photos were taken in the area inside the yellow rectangle.

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