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Mount Panorama Hillclimbs
March 4 & 5, 2023

Rather than taking photos this year I was a competitor in my "new" car bought for club level motorsport. (I got inspired when I was talked into driving a manual, front wheel drive car for a short time last year.) It was an almost new experience for me because the last time I competed in a motorsport event on tarmac was in 1982, when I drove my HZ Holden Kingswood V8 wagon in a lap dash at Amaroo Park. You might think that this was an unlikely track car, but I'd entered the event before I'd sold my Datsun 1600 so I went along anyway in what had been the tow car. I remember the day well, because someone accused me of lying about the specifications of the car because I was going around the track in the wagon quicker than another competitor in a BMW. (The Kingswood was what had come from the factory, but I'd put new rear shocks in it after it was retired from towing duties.) Someone else pointed out that I'd been driving around race tracks for much longer than the BMW driver had and experience counts. But I digress ...

The Kingswood wallowing through a motorkhana. It was there, so why not?

And here's the new competition car. I didn't expect it to be too fast up the hills, but I was there for the fun of getting back to it, not there to win anything.

You can read all about the adventure here

The Esses - Saturday, March 4

I know, I know - it's Forrest's Elbow, named for motorcycle rider Jack Forrest
who crashed there in a race in 1947. But I didn't make the map, I just added the
flags to show the start and finish of the hillclimb course.

You can see the Supplementary Regulations here

You can see the results here

Mountain Straight - Sunday, March 5

You can see the Supplementary Regulations here

You can see the results here

A report on the event appeared in the Oberon Review on March 9, 2023

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