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New South Wales Rally Calendar 2022

The calendar of NSW events for 2022. I intend to be at the ones marked in yellow, and I'll be at the ones marked in pink and green as well if the budget and time allow. Green indicates a higher probability. (More events might be added.).

Date Event NameOrganising ClubSeries
January 6 Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint CancelledNSSCC 
February 17 Whiteline Tarmac RallysprintNSSCC 
February 19 Rally Test DayRNSW 
February 26 Eden Mini RallySCSCCCRS, HRS
March 5 Border Oils & Batteries MittaNECCECCRS
March 5 Blue Range Rallysprint Postponed to July 2LCCCACT RRS
March 5-6 Mount Panorama HillclimbsBLCC 
March 12-13*Taree Rally Postponed to July 23-24AMSAGPipe King Rally Series
March 20 Bathurst KhanacrossBLCC 
March 27 Nabiac Rallysprint CancelledCNCSCCNSWRS
March 27-April 2 Classic Outback TrialCOT 
April 2-3 National Capital RallyBMSCARC, NSWRC, ECCRS, ACT RRS
April 17 Fineform Rallysprint NSWRS
April 21 Whiteline Tarmac RallysprintNSSCC 
April 23 Midstate Freight Oberon StagesNSSCCNWSRC, ECCRS, CRS, HRS
May 7*John Giddings Memorial Rally of OrangeAMSAGPipe King Rally Series
May 15 Awaba Rallysprint CancelledWACNSWRS
May 21 Rockstar Automotive Mini Dulla Cancelled - maybe NovemberSKDACCRS, HRS
May 29 Bathurst KhanacrossBLCC 
June 3-5 Heartland Rally (SA) ECCRS
June 10-11 Bega Valley RallySCSCCNSWRC, ECCRS, CRS, HRS, ACT RRS
June 19 Nabiac RallysprintCNCSCCNSWRS
July 2Blue Range RallysprintLCCCACT RRS
July 23-24*Taree Rally CancelledAMSAGPipe King Rally Series
August 7 Gravel RallysprintNSSCCNSWRS
August 13 Rally Of The BayNSSCCNSWRC, ECCRS, CRS, HRS
August 27 Fineform Rallysprint NSWRS
September 3 *Rosewood RallyAMSAGPipe King Rally Series
September 10 Horizon Apartments NaroomaBMSCCRS, HRS, ACT RRS
September 10Globe Roamer Rally, Imbil QLDBSCCECCRS
September 24 Awaba RallysprintWACNSWRS
October 8*Walcha RallyAMSAGPipe King Rally Series
October 29 Monaro StagesLCCCACT RRS
November 5*Oberon rallyAMSAGPipe King Rally Series
November 19-20 Rally NSW ARC, NSWRC, ECCRS, CRS, HRS

Calendar last updated on May 29, 2022


ACT Regional Rally Series

ARCAustralian Rally Championship
AMSAG*Australian Motor Sport Action Group
BLCCBathurst Light Car Club
BMSCBrindabella Motor Sport Club
BSCCBrisbane Sporting Car Club
CNCSCCCentral North Coast Sporting Car Club
COTClassic Outback Trial
CRSClubman Rally Series
ECCRSEast Coast Classic Rally Series
HRSHyundai Rally Series
LCCCLight Car Club of Canberra
LDCCLithgow District Car Club
NECCNorth Eastern Car Club
NSSCCNorth Shore Sporting Car Club
NSWHCNew South Wales Hillclimb Championship
NSWRCNew South Wales Rally Championship
NSWRSNew South Wales Rallysprint Series
SCSCCSapphire Coast Sporting Car Club
SKDACShoalhaven and Kiama Districts Auto Club
WACWestlakes Automobile Club

2022 Pipe King AMSAG Southern Cross Rally Series

Events marked "*" are part of a parallel series run by the Australian Motor Sport Action Group. Again, I intend to be at the ones marked in yellow, will probably be at the ones marked in green and I'll do my best to be at the ones marked in pink. (Please note - I am not interested in taking sides in the CAMS v AMSAG debate. You can read the history here.)

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